Cyber ​​security and as part of that securing the internet and websites are very topical issues, also for ShipTimized. The consequences of using a not (well) secured shipping platform can be disastrous. What if your shipping and order data falls into the wrong hands?

Many developments are under way in the world of cyber security. SSL is one of them. Most browsers now indicate that a website is not safe if no use is made of SSL.

Because ShipTimized, as a service provider, wants to be at the forefront of cyber security, we keep a close eye on all developments in this area and, if necessary, take proactive measures. After all, prevention is better than cure. We have recently switched to the SSL protocol for our shipping platform ShipTimized control tower.

An SSL certificate is a file that ensures better data security between the web server and an internet browser (such as Chrome or Internet Explorer). Because SSL certificates link a secure key to the connection of a website, data can be stored live encrypted so that it can be entered safely without the intervention of external systems that want to intercept the data. In this way, login and payment data such as passwords, credit card numbers and personal data can be used securely on websites that are secured with an SSL certificate. SSL literally stands for Secure Sockets Layer, which means that a secure layer is placed between a server and an internet browser so that the data is protected.

Even when it is logged on to ShipTimized control tower, it is important that the SSL connection is active. This can be recognized by a number of things.

1. When the URL of the website starts with HTTPS: // you know that the website is secured with an SSL certificate.
You can check this in the address bar of the internet browser you use.
2. When an SSL certificate is active, a lock is shown in the address bar of your internet browser.
Depending on your browser, that is before or after the URL, in some browsers this is not automatically shown.
3. If you click on the lock in the address bar of your browser you can often find detailed information about who has requested and issued the certificate, see the image below.


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